Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I Wear XXL Myself

Seems like it's been a coon's age since I last blogged. Even though I've been quiet, doesn't mean I've been sitting around doing nothing, though. We've been gearing up for Christmas and the whole family's coming over for dinner. That means a lot of cleaning and cooking and such. It also means helping Mom with her present-making.

Here, I'm modeling a Harry Potter scarf that she made for a friend. It's from the House of Gryffindor, whatever that means. Not being a Harry Potter fan myself, I'm a bit fuzzy on all that wizardry stuff, but I'm assured that the colors are what makes the scarf fun to wear.

Next is Glynn wearing the colors of the House of Ravenclaw. Glynn says the colors look good with her tan and blue, but she requires a size Petite so as not to be dwarfed by the accessories and to keep the fringe from dragging on the ground. In other words, she's too short to pull this look off. Hee hee

Until next time, wishing each one of you a Merry Christmas!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Am I Missing An Eyebrow?

I'm happy to report that things have improved somewhat since my last post. Although I still have no memory of my recent Cow Attack / Train Wreck / Sasquatch Mugging, my head injuries are healing nicely and The Family is finally starting to make eye contact with me again. Boy, they were a might displeased, and that's putting it mildly. When your household is so put out that they have whispered family meetings about What To Do Now, you just know it's time to tuck your tail and behave.

Glynn and I tallied up the different ways they've tried to keep me safe, which included a chainlink fenced yard, the dreaded tutoring, obedience, collar and tags, microchip, chicken wire spread over the ground in my favorite digging spots, then hog panels, a rock fence, cement blocks in my holes, electric fence around the top, triple locks on the gates, getting Cap for a companion, then Glynn, trimming my toenails shorter, a tie-out (that Mom couldn't stand, and I wasn't so keen on either so it didn't last long), more exercise with My Boy and more supervision. When you put it to paper, I've cost a small fortune to maintain. I can do fine for awhile, but when I take a notion to go exploring, ain't nothing gonna hold me back. Mom says I am the most exasperating pup she's ever known, and I've brought her more laughter and also more tears than any other dog she's had. What can I say? It's a gift. In the meantime, I'm sure getting good at walking on a leash.

On a very positive note, we've been fostering an Airedale this week! This is Jackson, and he's one of the happiest dogs I know. Just look at that smile. Makes a guy feel good to know he's helping out a big lovable fellow like this. Today he will be picked up by Oklahoma Airedale Rescue and they'll be sure to see that he finds the perfect furever home. Also, he's already got a playdate scheduled with his brother, Rudy, who was also rescued! What a happy time those two will have when they see each other again. I probably can't make it this year, guys, but when you have a reunion next year, send me an invite, will ya? I might be on parole by then...


Thursday, September 23, 2010

They Always Said I Was A Knothead

Well, folks, I may finally have pushed my luck too far. Not even my charm and dashing good looks can make up for what I pulled yesterday.

After My Boy left for school, I shinnied under the fence and went on patrol. I spent several hours running around the farm having a grand old time, and then things went south. The details are a little fuzzy still, and I don't remember exactly what happened, but at the end of the day My Boy found me staggering around with a bloody eye, a lump on my head, and a bruised snoot. Felt like I'd been run over by a train. If that wasn't bad enough, I bit My Boy when we got home. What can I say, there was no excuse except I wasn't feeling quite myself. Still, I am in major lockdown and no longer allowed outside without supervision. I also have to go to work with Mom every day as I'm not trusted to behave myself when no one's watching. I say go to work with Mom, but Mom said it in an entirely different way. I think it was along the lines of "drag your sorry carcass to the office with me", or something like that. I am also being monitored on my behavior and being taught some "much-needed manners." Ah, the shame of it.

I'm not the biting kind. I've never acted like this before. Must have hit my head harder than I realized to behave in such a way. The vet said I should make a full recovery, no permanent damage done, and the hair will grown back before I know it. In the meantime, I'm doing my humble best to wiggle my way back into everyone's good graces. But hey, I'm a terrier, they have to make some allowances for that, don't they? Comes with the territory.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Ellen Fitzgerald Sang It, Too

It seems like fall is right around the corner. The weather has cooled to a tolerable degree, and it's nice to get out and romp a bit with My Boy in the evenings. Went for a romp without him last night. Got in trouble for it. Didn't much care, though, except I'm back on leash now. Cramps my style somewhat.

Sometimes we take in critters other than cats and dogs to foster. Yesterday the Animal Control Officer brought us a young bird. I have a feeling he won't be with us too long. His landing gear works well, but his flappers need a little exercise before he takes off. A couple days of R&R should have him sailing right out the door. The first inkling I had that another bird was in the house was when I heard, "Woo-oo-oo-oo..." What a sad sound. My Boy says that it is called a turtledove, also a mourning dove because they have such a sad song.

I wonder if he knows Melancholy Baby? I can hum a few bars to get him started...

Friday, September 3, 2010

I Try My Hand at Reading Sign

Been missing out on my blogging lately, mainly because we've been so busy this summer. Been fostering a few fellow doggies down on their luck. First there was a ginormous Wolf-hybrid named Cherokee. He was a bit aloof, so I didn't get to know him too well while he was here. Honestly, I don't know what Mom was thinking when she took him in. He howled night and day. I was a bit alarmed at how he licked his chops when he looked at me, too. Anyway, he went on to a nice rescue. Then we played host to Ol' Red, the bloodhound. We had a great time together. He taught all of us how to bay. I was pretty impressed at his ability to sling slobbers when he shook his head, too. I tried a few times but I don't have the jowls for that trick. Made myself dizzy trying. Last I saw of Red, he was heading to a rescue in Colorado. Hope he sends us a postcard from the Rockies. And last, we had a graceful old Boxer named Nell. She was quite prim and proper, used the Queen's English and all, but I got her to snort when she laughed. The old gal was quite entertaining when she loosened up.

On our daily walks, we ran across a few footprints in the pasture. Being a Louis L'Amour fan (I'm named after a Sackett character, by the way), I like to try my hand at reading tracks. This first one looks like a coyote track. Smelled like one, too.

Dragging me right along, My Boy and I ran across a raccoon track. Almost looks human, doesn't it?

Then there was this track. We puzzled over it for a while, and never did figure it out. I suspect a three-toed Sasquatch was wandering about. That's when we decided to go home and lock the door.
Wishing everyone a happy Labor Day weekend! My Boy will be in the Labor Day Parade on Monday. Maybe he'll let me ride the float and throw some candy, too!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Say Hello to Rudy!

There's a new Airedale in town! Well, not exactly in town, but still here in Oklahoma. I met Rudy briefly at the vet's office before he was shipped out to Airedale rescue, and wouldn't you know it, we've managed to keep in touch. He's now adopted and settling in to his furever home. Some of you rescued pups know how it is, overcoming new obstacles every day in the beginning, so I'm sure Rudy would appreciate a little encouragement as he figures out how to live indoors with his family. Oh yes, and very important, he shares his home with a wire fox terrier named Molly, and he has A BOY of his very own. Couldn't ask for anything better! Congratulations, Rudy!


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I Should Have Stayed with Old Spice

I took the day off from my farm duties and went shopping for new cologne. Tried a few samples and settled on one I really like. Came home wearing a bit of eau de cowpoo and thought it made me smell quite manly. My mistake. Let me impart a bit of wisdom to my terrier friends out there -- humans not only have fewer old-factories senses than we canines, but they have a completely different set of old-factories and take major offense at some of the odors we think are interesting. And when Mom wrinkles her muzzle up and say, "Ewww!", you'd better run.

I wasn't fast enough. Into the bathtub, splish-splash, she 'bout scrubbed my hide off. My whites have never been so white. It was quite an insult, really. I will definitely have to warn My Boy about this.

Friday, June 25, 2010

I Seize The Moment And Almost Kill Myself

Summer is at its peak here in Oklahoma. Hotter than blazes, you might say, and it isn't a "dry heat" as some areas have. Nope, very humid here. Not much fun being outside when it makes us huff and puff hard. Much cooler to stay indoors on the tile floor. Boring, but cooler.

The other day Mom turned us outside for a break. While Cap and Glynn tended to their own business, I slipped around behind the shed. I had a nice hole going there, out of eyesight of The Family, kind of my own little secret. I shinnied under the fence went exploring. There I was, running like the wind and sniffing all over the place, when suddenly I didn't feel so good. I had overdone it in the summer sun, gave myself a heat stroke. Talk about the phrase "sicker than a dog", well that was me all over. Literally. Just about did myself in before The Family located me and drove me home in the pickup. I was a hurtin' cowboy, believe me. The next day I was so stiff and sore I could barely move around. Took a few more days to get my bounce back. I may have to rethink the summertime escapades. Wasn't hardly worth it that time.

On a brighter note, here's what we found early one morning on one of our more sedate (translate boring) walkies. It's a newborn calf, and she wasn't too very much bigger than me and Glynn put together. Mama Cow was snorting in my hip pocket, though, so I couldn't stay and talk long. Don't know what her problem was, I was just looking. I plan to go back and spend a little more time playing later when she gets her land legs under her.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Better Than A Rabbit's Foot

Out doing a bit of roaming around today, helping My Boy with things he needs help with. He's always needing my supervision. No telling what trouble he'd get into without my guidance. Here he is holding Ruby Tuesday's baby, Giacomo. He's almost as big as My Boy is now! Queen Ruby likes My Boy and doesn't seem to mind. She's a good mama.

While we were checking out the cow and calf, I noticed Glynn had found something very interesting in the grass. I mosied over to see what she was doing, and she told me that she had found a bumper crop of four-leaf clovers and was collecting some to press and keep for good luck.

She said it's easy as pie to find a four-leaf clover. Just stare at the clover patch and one would jump right out at me. She had already found several to press, like this one.

Never in my whole eight years have I found a four-leaf clover. Not even close. I've never even caught a rabbit's foot, so I was a bit skeptical. Still, I gave it a go, and I stared at that clover patch until my eyes were crossed.

And then, would you believe, I found one! I was so excited I did a Snoopy dance. Glynn showed me how to press it when we got back to the house. Though it isn't a perfect specimen, I'm proud of it. A dog like me can never have too much good luck!

Wishing every dog and hammie out there a safe and fun-filled Memorial Day weekend.

Monday, May 17, 2010

I Do A Little Spring Cleaning

I learned my lesson about climbing fences quite a while back. As you may remember, My Family tried everything to get me to stay home, but being an adventurer at heart, I couldn't resist levitating over the fence and having a free day now and then. As a last attempt to curtail my wanderings, My Family stretched a tiny little wire along the top of the fence. I laughed. Won't hold me, I thought. That itty bitty thing? Until I stuck my snoot to it. Lost a few brain cells that time, I'm tellin' you. No more giant leaps for me. I dig under the fence now.

So now that I'm on my best behavior as far as boosting myself over the boundary, I decided to help tidy up the yard this spring. Along with digging up some sweetpea and iris plants, I removed part of the hot wire on the fence (don't worry, it's been turned off practically forever now). Just a few more of these insulators to go, and you'll never know this place used to be locked up tighter than Alcatraz.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cap Gets Abducted by Aliens (Again)

An update on my ol' buddy, Cap. He went back to the vet Monday, again on Tuesday. Good news is that his knee is fine (I never did believe that story about an old football injury when he was a linebacker for the Cowboys). The x-rays showed "significant" arthur-itis in his hips and knees, but no other problems. Just a good wrenching of the joints when he flipped on the tile. Getting too old for such nonesense, he told me. Must have been a senile moment that made him act like a spring pup. He's very embarrassed.

Since they did have to knock him out for the procedures, which Cap likens to being abducted by aliens, the vet took advantage of it and gave him another dental cleaning, too. Lost a couple more toofers. He came home a bit tipsy, staggered around until he found his favorite toy, and fell asleep with drool running out of his mouth. Kinda like usual.
We are now feeding him a special diet that is good for arthritis and joint pain. Cap seems to like it pretty good and snarfs it down quick, so he doesn't even know he's getting a pill in there somewhere. I sniffed it but wasn't impressed. The main ingredient is chopped liver. I'm more of a chicken man myself.

I told Cap that next time he feels inspired to do bodily damage to himself, come to me. I can be pretty smart at doctoring things up. Comes from living on a farm. We make due with what's handy. Give me a little duct tape, some baling wire, I can splint a hindleg in no time. Spritz some WD-40 on those creaky joints, they'll limber right up. Yeah, I know, pretty impressive. I should have went to med school. I'd be a gazillionaire by now.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Cap Takes a Wrong Turn

I don't know what got into Cap yesterday. He's older 'n dirt, almost blind, purt-near deaf, but once in a while he gets inspired to act like a puppy, and that almost always leads to trouble.

Mom had let him outside for a bit, then opened the door and called him in. Suddenly he burst through the door, bouncing like a bunny, and tried to spin around. He went one way, his feet went the other, and splat! It was a pretty spectacular wipe-out, and not the first time he's flipped on the floor. He hopped right up, but this was different. He started hobbling around on three legs and wouldn't put his back foot on the floor at all.

This meant a quick trip to our favorite vet. Now, I have to tell you, Cap's a funny terrier. Biggest wuss there ever was. He has no pain tolerance at all. None. Zilch. He stubbs his toe and cries like a baby. So it was rather strange that the vet couldn't find anything wrong. All the twisting and flexing, poking and prodding produced not one flinch or whimper out of the old boy. Still, he won't use his leg. It's a mystery. Then he got a shot, which did make him yelp, and some pain pills to get him through the weekend. We all felt like it was just a bruise. My Boy gave him a Zanies toy, which Cap is busy de-squeaking. With his lack of teeth, it will probably be a week from next Tuesday before he finishes it off.

Meanwhile, we're watching him through the weekend to see if he gets any better. If he's not trotting on all fours again by Monday morning, we're heading back for some x-rays. The vet said he may have ruptured a ligament (like football players do), and to check him for that he will have to be sedated. With his age, Mom does not want to do that to Cap if we can help it. So we're all keeping our paws crossed that Cap gets better on his own and doesn't have to have any risky things done to him on Monday. Until then, he's being waited on like royalty. Lucky dog.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I'm Calling Shotgun Now

If there's one thing I've learned about living on a farm, it's that springtime means babies. Already we have played foster mama to a fledgling barred owl and four cottontail rabbits. And that owl sure made me nervous, the way he was watching those buns, so we made sure nobody went hungry until they were released (far apart from each other, I made sure of that). But the biggest surprise of all was when My Boy's show heifer, Ruby Tuesday, had her baby last week. Lookee here!

I'm a bit jealous that he has more spots than me. He even has a heart on his forehead. So far we can't decide on a name for him, but it has to be a special one because he will be My Boy's show calf next year. Isn't he a lucky one? We think so.

My new best bud weighs four times as much as me and is growing bigger every day. I have to watch where he steps so he doesn't mash my head in the ground. My Boy is teaching him to lead right now while he's small enough to handle. I just hope that when we all ride in the pickup, he knows I like to sit by the window.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I Visit The Big Bucket In The Sky

I was sitting around the house, minding my own business, when I overheard Mom and My Boy talking about what to fix for supper. My Boy said, "Let's go to KFC and pick up a bucket of fried chicken."

Of course, I got excited about that. We live in the country, out in the boonies, so going to KFC means a RIDE in the truck! I couldn't wait to get my leash on and hit the road.

I said, "Hey, Glynn, wanna come with?" She ho-hummed a bit and then got her leash on, too. She doesn't live for riding in the truck like I do.

This is her "riding in the truck" face. Still, she'd rather load up and go with me than stay home and watch Cap snore.

I like visiting the drive-through of any restaurant, but KFC smells so good! Believe me, I'd drive myself there every day if I could reach the gas pedal.

Unfortunately, I don't get to actually eat any of the fried chicken because I have severe allergies and chicken is high on the list of things that make me itch (I get reminded of this each time I pluck one). However, I can eat turkey. If I could just talk Col. Sanders into starting a Kentucky Fried Turkey franchise, I'd be their best customer ever!

Friday, March 26, 2010

I Dig The Mother of All Holes

It's been a busy week, gang. Lots of work to do, excavating and moving dirt. I have to say my schedule is about as full as it's ever been. Good thing I like my job, because there's just no end to the holes that need to be dug around here. I dig so much, sometimes I forget where I put a hole. That happened the other morning when I was bunny-hopping backwards in front of My Boy and did a one-legger down a deep one. Lost my balance and ended up-side down for a moment. Made My Boy laugh...a lot longer than I thought was necessary, but who cares? We like to have fun together.

Now, remember the rock wall that Somebody built awhile back? The one that tee-totally ruined a perfectly good hole I was working on? Yeah, that's right, the one with the water garden and sweetpea flowers? That sure did set me back, but I jumped in there this week and finished what I started, rocks and all. Yep, I caved in that rock wall and dug all around it, uprooted the flowers, and may have bowed the fence just a bit, too. I was mighty proud of the destruction, because those old fireplace rocks weigh more than I do.
Glynn is always sure to stand back when the dirt goes flinging. She says a hard hat messes up her 'do too much, so she stays in the safety zone whilst I work.
This one is even big enough to go down into, turn around, and come back out again. Quite a masterpiece.

My Boy was pretty speechless, I tell ya, when he saw how much I had accomplished in just one week. Took his breath away, I'm thinkin'. Shook his head in awe. What can I say? I'm pretty pleased myself. Well, enough about holes for now. I see My Boy heading this way with a shovel and wheelbarrow. I wonder what new game this will be? Can't wait to find out...

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I Try My Hand at Poetry

Ode to a Kitty

I think that I shall never spy

A thing so lovely to my eye

As a striped kitten on the lawn...

But wait, I blinked and she was gone!

Oh lovely kitty, where did you go?

I'm looking for you high and low.

Come out, come out, and play with me.

Together we'll have fun, you'll see.

I know lots of games that we can play,

Like Hide the Kitty in the Hay,

Or Chase My Friend Around the Yard.

It's so much of fun, the rules aren't hard.

If Hide and Seek is your cup of tea,

Go right ahead, don't wait on me.

I'll cover my eyes and count to ten

And we will let the fun begin!

Ah, there you are, tabby dear,

I can see your twitching ear

Behind the bumper of the car.

Don't run away, you won't get far.

Through the bushes, up a tree,

Across the roof? You can't fool me!

Now you're on the front porch rail,

Showing me your bushy tail.

Ah, sweet feline, now it's time

To end this fun-filled game of mine.

Here comes My Boy, he has my leash,

So I will leave you now in peace.

Until next time...

Saturday, March 13, 2010

I Get Blamed For Everything

I'll be the first to admit that, occasionally, I create mischief. I can't help it, I'm a terrier and it's what we do. It doesn't help that I live with a couple of other wires that don't create mischief at all. In comparison, they make me look pretty bad sometimes. I think I am a good representative of our breed, while Cap and Glynn are the strange ones, but that's just my opinion. Anyway, here are a few things I am totally (and I mean TOTALLY) innocent of doing, just for the record.

Here I sit in front of the flower pot that "somebody" ran into and cracked. Wasn't moi.

And this was during one of my latest photo shoots. The camera caught a little piddle puddle on the floor behind me before the photo was cropped. That wasn't me either.

Here I am checking out Cap's new Zanies Toy. I just wanted to make sure the squeaker was in tip-top shape for the old boy. We all know how he loves his stuffies to make noise. Cap grrrr'd and I was accused to taking his toy away. Oh, come on! I gave it right back.

Mother Nature blew down a big tree in our yard back during the ice storm. Left a sizeable hole in the backyard. I did not create this hole, though I am mightily impressed by it.

Even the cats are pointing fingers at me. Here I'm saying hello to our new cat, Thistle. This is my first meeting with Thistle and obviously she has been listening to the other cats diss me. I had to wipe the hiss off my face afterwards. So there you go, my side of the story, just wanting to set the record straight. It's a heavy load to bear, all this blame, and I'm glad I got all this off my chest. Now, time for a little break from blogging. I think I'll go find a toy to play with.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Winter Blues in the Hollow

We've had a ton of snow dumped here, and that's caused us to lose a few trees on the farm. The ice and snow just toppled them right over. This one fell across our driveway but didn't fall all the way to the ground. We were able to drive under it, just barely, but it made me duck my head each time. Nobody wants to be slapped on the head by a tree. No sirree. Thanks to Dad and My Boy and Married Kid's husband, a chainsaw and a big truck, the tree has been removed. That's a relief. Still, from a dog's point of view, I can tell you I hate to see a good tree go.

Besides the snow, ice and falling trees, our water line froze and now we've got a leak outside. Dad had to turn the water off at the meter until we can dig it up. We only turn it on once a day for important things like cooking and laundry and showers and such. There's just no water to waste right now. The good news is, NO BATHS for us doggies! I think I can live with that.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Don't Prod the Bear

As we're bunkering down for another blast of ice and snow tonight, I noticed ol' Cap was curled up in a sunny spot, snoozing away. He seems to sleep alot more these days. I've been wondering if it was old age catching up with him, but after pondering over this situation, I've decided that's not it at all. He's hibernating. Yeah, like a gumpy old bear, he's living on his fat reserves and catching his Zzzz's. He was so deep into Dreamland that I was able to take his picture, and he didn't even know it. In fact, I took about ten pictures before Glynn rudely gave me her elbow and said to knock it off, he looks so sweet and peaceful like that and the flash might wake him. Good advice. Like My Boy always said, don't prod the bear. Anyway, I hope all you doggies and hammies stay warm tonight. Hopefully this will be the last cold spell of winter for us, unless that pesky groundhog sees his shadow next week. If he does, he belongs to me.