Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I'm Calling Shotgun Now

If there's one thing I've learned about living on a farm, it's that springtime means babies. Already we have played foster mama to a fledgling barred owl and four cottontail rabbits. And that owl sure made me nervous, the way he was watching those buns, so we made sure nobody went hungry until they were released (far apart from each other, I made sure of that). But the biggest surprise of all was when My Boy's show heifer, Ruby Tuesday, had her baby last week. Lookee here!

I'm a bit jealous that he has more spots than me. He even has a heart on his forehead. So far we can't decide on a name for him, but it has to be a special one because he will be My Boy's show calf next year. Isn't he a lucky one? We think so.

My new best bud weighs four times as much as me and is growing bigger every day. I have to watch where he steps so he doesn't mash my head in the ground. My Boy is teaching him to lead right now while he's small enough to handle. I just hope that when we all ride in the pickup, he knows I like to sit by the window.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I Visit The Big Bucket In The Sky

I was sitting around the house, minding my own business, when I overheard Mom and My Boy talking about what to fix for supper. My Boy said, "Let's go to KFC and pick up a bucket of fried chicken."

Of course, I got excited about that. We live in the country, out in the boonies, so going to KFC means a RIDE in the truck! I couldn't wait to get my leash on and hit the road.

I said, "Hey, Glynn, wanna come with?" She ho-hummed a bit and then got her leash on, too. She doesn't live for riding in the truck like I do.

This is her "riding in the truck" face. Still, she'd rather load up and go with me than stay home and watch Cap snore.

I like visiting the drive-through of any restaurant, but KFC smells so good! Believe me, I'd drive myself there every day if I could reach the gas pedal.

Unfortunately, I don't get to actually eat any of the fried chicken because I have severe allergies and chicken is high on the list of things that make me itch (I get reminded of this each time I pluck one). However, I can eat turkey. If I could just talk Col. Sanders into starting a Kentucky Fried Turkey franchise, I'd be their best customer ever!