Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Saying Goodbye to an Old Friend

The little bed is sitting just inside the kitchen door,
A hedgehog stuffie near it, forgotten on the floor.
No jingle of his collar, his food bowl’s put away.
The sunbeam finds an empty spot on this perplexing day.

The kids seem very quiet. Mom’s got something in her eye.
Dad’s not saying much at all, and we both wonder why?
One of us is missing, now our trio’s down to two.
Things feel very odd right today, and we don’t know what to do.

We searched the yard, looked in the den, and by Dad’s favorite chair.
We sniffed upstairs, but all we found was a lock of wiry hair.
It was tied up with a ribbon and a little purple bow,
Tucked inside a keepsake book where it mostly didn’t show.

So God, I know You listen to all creatures great and small.
If You don’t mind, I’d like to ask one favor, very small.
Please look after my good friend from Your throne up in the sky.
Give him strength to run again, and hold his head up high.

Make his old eyes see things clear, his hearing good as new,
And take away the old age pain as only You can do.
A frisky squirrel to chase around would give him lots of fun.
And when he’s tired, a nice soft bed warmed by a ray of sun.

He did so love his squeakies, so give him two or three.
They will help pass the time until we once more we meet.
Let him know we miss him, give him scritches and some love,
And tell him that we’ll see him soon when we cross the bridge above.

Rest in peace, Cap. You'll be missed.


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Rescue Riding

Hi-ho, everyone! Seems like it's been a hundred years since I last blogged. Been kept busy riding herd on Little Guy. He's a toddler now and Mom, being the grandma, volunteered to keep him while his parents work. Let's just say that keeping up with a two-year-old is like trying to herd a mountain goat. Full-time job. Anyway, Mom and Dad managed to arrange a few days off for a motorcycle trip and went cruising in Arkansas. We doggies have not yet found a way to accompany them on these trips but we're still working on that. I'm thinking a mini travel trailer they can pull behind...

Last weekend they were able to combine two things they like the most, which is motorcycles and rescue work. They attended a Rescue Ride and Poker Run to benefit our local humane society. Dad had a pretty good poker hand but got beat by a royal flush in the end, but they did manage to snag a nice door prize. It's a big wreath with flowers and it's perfect for Mom's office. Well, perfect all except it needed just a little embellishment to keep with the decor theme she had going.

Three little wire fox terriers made it just right.