Monday, August 9, 2010

Say Hello to Rudy!

There's a new Airedale in town! Well, not exactly in town, but still here in Oklahoma. I met Rudy briefly at the vet's office before he was shipped out to Airedale rescue, and wouldn't you know it, we've managed to keep in touch. He's now adopted and settling in to his furever home. Some of you rescued pups know how it is, overcoming new obstacles every day in the beginning, so I'm sure Rudy would appreciate a little encouragement as he figures out how to live indoors with his family. Oh yes, and very important, he shares his home with a wire fox terrier named Molly, and he has A BOY of his very own. Couldn't ask for anything better! Congratulations, Rudy!


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I Should Have Stayed with Old Spice

I took the day off from my farm duties and went shopping for new cologne. Tried a few samples and settled on one I really like. Came home wearing a bit of eau de cowpoo and thought it made me smell quite manly. My mistake. Let me impart a bit of wisdom to my terrier friends out there -- humans not only have fewer old-factories senses than we canines, but they have a completely different set of old-factories and take major offense at some of the odors we think are interesting. And when Mom wrinkles her muzzle up and say, "Ewww!", you'd better run.

I wasn't fast enough. Into the bathtub, splish-splash, she 'bout scrubbed my hide off. My whites have never been so white. It was quite an insult, really. I will definitely have to warn My Boy about this.