Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Friday, March 27, 2009

Daffodils and Redbuds

What a beauty! Look at the bouquet that a friend made for our office. It's double Daffodils and a sprig of Redbud blossoms.
The Redbud tree is Oklahoma's state tree and is one of the first trees to bloom in the early spring. They grow along our creek by the house and right now is the only color except for a few wild dogwood trees. Redbuds and dogwoods are my favorite trees, because when you see those pink and white blooms, you know spring is right around the corner.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

From the Desk of William Tell

It was my turn to go to work with Mom today. I'm a big help around the office. One of my jobs is vermination. Even though the place is pretty clean, I do regular inspections to sniff out any vermin that need verminating.

Nothing hiding in the corners or under the chairs.

Nothing around the baseboards.
I was checking out the computer desk when I came across the most amazing sight. It was another wire fox terrier, and he looked just like me! What a handsome devil he was. I was sure he was a movie star or something.
I tried to climb up in Mom's lap for a closer look. Funny, every move I made, he made the exact same move. Even his eyebrows twitched the same as mine.

Well, I guess I got fooled, because it WAS me on the computer screen. Just a reflection of my magnificence. When I realized it wasn't a real dog, I went back to my rounds and finished my inspection. Sure was a lot of giggling in the office, though. Don't know what's gotten into those ladies. I wish they'd share the joke with me!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Who, Me?

(Zzz...zzz...zzz...) Huh? I'm sorry, I was taking a nap. What did you say? There's something in the yard you think I should see? I'll be right there!

What's all this white stuff? It looks like feathers. How do you suppose they got there? Oh, you're asking ME how they got there? Well, let me think...

(Blame Cap.) Hey, I'll bet Cap knows how that happened. I think he and Glynn had a pillow fight. Yeah, that's it. A pillow fight and they lost a few feathers.

No? Okay, let's see. Let me think. Okay, a duck was flying overhead and exploded. This is the fallout from a duck. How's that?

(Not buying the duck story either. Think, Tell, think.) Well, it might be that a fox came by and scared all the hens and they jumped right out of their feathers. Yep, feathers everywhere. What a mess.

( Still not believing me...this is not looking good.)

Those feathers sure are a mystery. Don't have a clue here. We may never know what really happened. Cap, quit pointing at me, will ya? How could anyone look at my innocent, puppy-dog eyes and think I did it? I was sound asleep the whole time that chicken got plucked. (Oops!)

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Spring in the Hollow

In spite of a few snowflakes the other day, I think Spring is here! Let me show you around our front yard...
Here are some of Mom's Daffy flowers. They used to be planted all in groups and rows, but the landscaping a few years ago bulldozed them, and now they pop up everywhere.

These white blossoms are from our pear tree in the circle drive. The tree will have so many heavy pears that the limbs bend all the way to the ground. If our piggies get out of their pens, they head straight to the tree. They love eating pears!

This is Dottie, our Silver Penciled Wyandotte hen. She lays brown eggs.

Here are two of the guinea hens. I have not plucked a guinea hen yet because they are very good at flying.

These are the Blue Andalusian hens, and of course, Dottie is peeking at the camera again. The Blues don't like the hen house, so they roost in trees at night. They lay white eggs.
Here is a quick look at a Production Red hen. I think she was in a hurry to be somewhere else. See ya!
This is the view out our front door where the pickup is parked. And Dottie again. Methinks she is wanting a blog of her own.
Yes, the grass is greening up nicely here and the weather is warmer. I'm ready for spring!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Lumpy Jaw and Bucket Head

I'm pretty sure I've figgered out what ails me. I did some research in one of College Kid's textbooks and I think I have Bovine Actinomycosis. Yep, lumpy jaw. Can you see it in the photo? My jaw is swelled up hard and it's not too comfortable. My Boy says that's ridiculous, that dogs don't get lumpy jaw, only cows, and I haven't been around the cows. I think My Boy may have brought it home on his boots, which I like to investigate when I catch no one looking. However, no one believes my self-diagnosis and they took me to the vet, who said it was an insect bite (remember our 90 degree weather last week?) and put me on antibiotics. Already the swelling is better, though I'm wearing my collar a bit looser these days so I don't swell up and die in the night.
Glynn is having problems of her own, too. She started rubbing her eyes and got them very red. Now she's wearing an Elizabethan collar so she can't hurt them. This requires that I do what every loving brother does when his little sis needs sympathy. I put my paw on her shoulder, looked at her, and called her a Bucket Head. I said if we sit her on the television and turn her just right, we might get a few new satellite channels.
Glynn was not amused. In fact, she called me a few choice names but I think in the end it made her feel a little better to fuss a bit with me. After all, that's what big brothers are for, right?

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Healthy Hearts

Our hearts have been saddened this week in the passing of Bogart's Dad. We wish to extend our heartfelt sympathy to Bogart and Lulu in their loss of Klaus. May they have many heartwarming and happy memories to hold on to in the days to come.

College Kid came home this weekend. She is having a much-needed break from school before heading off to another three-week rotation, this time in sunny California at a very posh veterinary clinic. We're hoping she will see some famous celebrity pets and bring back a few pawtigraphs to share with us. While she's home, she demonstrated some things she has learned in class, like how to take our blood pressure.

First a small area is clipped on the back of our foot. This is because the blood pressure monitor has a hard time hearing our pulse through all that wiry hair. A bald place works better.

Glynn was the first brave volunteer. Well, she didn't actually volunteer, she was just the one standing closest when the moment came to start the demonstration. She was a bit taken by surprise, and has hereafter referred to it as The Ordeal.

Glynn had to lay very still on one side. It's hard to make a tense dog lay down, especially when she wants to curl up. Relax, Glynn, it won't hurt, I promise!

When she finally opened her eyes, Glynn came face-to-face with the blood pressure kit paraphernalia. "What does THAT do? And that? And that?" she asked.

College Kid had to find the right size cuff to use. She picked a cat-sized one since Glynn is petite.

Then some cold goop was put on Glynn's bald spot. She said it was much like the time she had an ultrasound on her tum-tum. It didn't hurt then, either, so she is a little more relaxed this time.

A little listening device was put on her foot, and the cuff pumped up. We could all hear a swoosh-swoosh sound. When The Ordeal was over for her, Glynn got down from the table and it was my turn. My blood pressure reading was a good 130. Glynn's was a little high at 145, but then she is a Nervous Nellie. Cap had the lowest reading of all, but I'm not surprised since he spends most of his time laying around sleeping and doesn't get stressed. The only time he would have any blood pressure is during his occasional geriatric version of a butt-tuck run around the house. I don't know why he gets away with running in the house when My Boy and I get tossed outside for it, except Cap never breaks anything. I think that's why Mom loves him best. Anyway, it's good to know that we all passed our test and have healthy hearts!