Friday, June 25, 2010

I Seize The Moment And Almost Kill Myself

Summer is at its peak here in Oklahoma. Hotter than blazes, you might say, and it isn't a "dry heat" as some areas have. Nope, very humid here. Not much fun being outside when it makes us huff and puff hard. Much cooler to stay indoors on the tile floor. Boring, but cooler.

The other day Mom turned us outside for a break. While Cap and Glynn tended to their own business, I slipped around behind the shed. I had a nice hole going there, out of eyesight of The Family, kind of my own little secret. I shinnied under the fence went exploring. There I was, running like the wind and sniffing all over the place, when suddenly I didn't feel so good. I had overdone it in the summer sun, gave myself a heat stroke. Talk about the phrase "sicker than a dog", well that was me all over. Literally. Just about did myself in before The Family located me and drove me home in the pickup. I was a hurtin' cowboy, believe me. The next day I was so stiff and sore I could barely move around. Took a few more days to get my bounce back. I may have to rethink the summertime escapades. Wasn't hardly worth it that time.

On a brighter note, here's what we found early one morning on one of our more sedate (translate boring) walkies. It's a newborn calf, and she wasn't too very much bigger than me and Glynn put together. Mama Cow was snorting in my hip pocket, though, so I couldn't stay and talk long. Don't know what her problem was, I was just looking. I plan to go back and spend a little more time playing later when she gets her land legs under her.