Saturday, September 27, 2008

Pig Watch

College Kid dropped by the house last week for a few minutes. She was on her way to San Antonio, Texas. She is going to work for a very elite veterinary clinic that specializes in cats. Hey, I think that might be something I'd like to see, but she said we couldn't go with her. It was toooooo far for our tiny bladders to manage a car ride like that. Glynn likes College Girl quite a lot, so she was happy to see her even if it was only for a little while. Since this job is temporary and College Kid will be coming back in a few weeks, she asked if we could look after her cats while she was gone. Well sure, we told her. Be glad to keep those cats entertained while College Kid is out of pocket.

Besides the two kitties, we are also watching her Guinea pig, Hagrid. He was named after the giant in the Harry Potter movies, since he is a Guinea pig of "substantial size". Do you think there is a Substantial Guinea Pig Club out there somewhere? Anyway, Glynn is endlessly fascinated with Hagrid and can't seem to keep her eyes off him, so he has now been moved to Mom's office where he can enjoy a bit more privacy. Being a Guinea pig of few words, he's a nice, quiet companion for a working environment. That's fine, as long as he stays out of our basket of squeakies.


Thursday, September 18, 2008

A Chicken-Pluckin' Crud War?

As you know, I'm a chicken-pluckin' dog when the opportunity arises. Losing a few feathers helps to teach the wayward hens the boundaries of their part of the farm, air conditions them in the summer, and it's just plain fun. For me, anyway. The Family is not too fond of bare-bottom chickens, and I guess the chickens are a little embarrassed by the whole thing, too, but I just can't seem to help myself. That is, until today...
When I saw this fellow strolling across the yard, I thought at first someone had super-sized one of the guinea hens. But no, this guy was much taller. And heavier. My Boy says it is a wild turkey and they are not to be messed with. He sure didn't have to warn me twice about that. When a bird stands taller than me, it's a sure sign that it deserves a little respect. This is just a young tom, but still, it might be wise to pass on the feather plucking for now and try to be a nice neighbor. I'd hate to be flogged by the likes of that!

If you recall, I also got into a bit of trouble when I found something delightful to roll in and brought the essence home with me. I got a bath for my effort. Then look what happened. My Boy, My Girl and some of their friends went to an event called a Crud War. They came home looking like they had roached around in a whole lot of things, like mustard, ketchup, flour, egg, and waffle syrup. Did they get into trouble and get drug by the collar to the bathtub? Noooooo, they got their picture taken. Go figure. Sometimes the rules are a little hard to figure out around here. Now, if we could just come up with a way to combine chicken plucking with crud wars, then count me in!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

You Say Tomato, I Say Mom...

Mom and Dad came back from their road trip relaxed and happy, and had a wonderful time. There were six motorcycles in the group, and they rode hard for three days without stop except to refuel. Dad looked pretty much the same when he got home, but Mom was a bit pinker than usual. Apparently she does not weather well, though no one else in the group had a problem. Then Tuesday, her eyes puffed, she turned red as a beet, and her lips swelled up like a sea lion blowing kisses. It seems some of her meds are not compatible with that much fun in the sun, and she had a photosensitive reaction. She missed work a few days so as not to scare small children and pregnant ladies, she was that uber ugly. Have you ever heard someone with balloon lips try to say something? "Hubby, I bhink bhere's somebing wronb wibb be..."

Here they are riding their motorcycle onto a ferry. In spite of Mom swelling up like a ripe tomato, they had such a great time that they can't wait for the next ride. Cap, Glynn and I are looking into one of those little trailers that go behind the motorcycles. Maybe one that makes a pop-up tent. Then we can go cruising and camping with the gang in style. Feel the wind in our beards. Get a little bug crunch in our teeth. Maybe a tattoo, but we won't say where!