Monday, February 1, 2010

Winter Blues in the Hollow

We've had a ton of snow dumped here, and that's caused us to lose a few trees on the farm. The ice and snow just toppled them right over. This one fell across our driveway but didn't fall all the way to the ground. We were able to drive under it, just barely, but it made me duck my head each time. Nobody wants to be slapped on the head by a tree. No sirree. Thanks to Dad and My Boy and Married Kid's husband, a chainsaw and a big truck, the tree has been removed. That's a relief. Still, from a dog's point of view, I can tell you I hate to see a good tree go.

Besides the snow, ice and falling trees, our water line froze and now we've got a leak outside. Dad had to turn the water off at the meter until we can dig it up. We only turn it on once a day for important things like cooking and laundry and showers and such. There's just no water to waste right now. The good news is, NO BATHS for us doggies! I think I can live with that.