Friday, January 30, 2009

Slippin' and Slidin' and Cold Bottoms

Here are some photos of our recent storm. Though it looks like snow, it's made of sleet and frozen solid. Dad's big truck can drive across it and not even leave a track. We're glad he has four-wheel drive, because otherwise we wouldn't get to go for a ride this week at all. Mom doesn't "do" ice.

Here is My Girl's pickup. Yeah, that's not moving until July, is it? That's our house in the background, it's nice and warm.

Our guinea hens are not happy about the ice. They can't find anywhere to...well, do whatever guineas do all day. No place to peck at all. They ran around silly for awhile.

Finally, they flew into the icy trees and started to complain. It sounds like, "BuckWHEAT! BuckWHEAT! BuckWHEAT!" Guineas complain alot.

This sparkly tree was by the big barn. The ice glows in the sun.
More trees. This is a good place to explore. I spend a lot of time sniffing around here, but not today.

Finally, this is Nigel the fat cat. I guess the ice was cold because he seems to be sitting sidesaddle here. hee hee
I hope all your doggies and hammies out there are in a warm place today.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Baby, It's Cold Outside!

Yep, it's colder than a well-digger's hiney out there today. We had lots of sleet, even some lightening and thunder last night. It looks like snow until you step in it, then it crunches and whoops, there go your feet! We're staying inside and warm today.

Cap and I went in for our dentals last week. I did great and have a nice shiny smile, but Cap lost a couple more of his teeth and had three small tumors taken off his shoulder. The old geezer is slowing down and wasn't as quick to bounce back from the anesthesia this time around. He's been a bit mopey and lost a little weight, so Mom took him to work this morning. Going to work with Mom seems to cheer him up.
Mom's office cat, Bullet, is not so sure about having a D-O-G visit for the day. He's used to having the office to himself and manages it just fine without a dog sniffing around. He's sticking to the high ground until Cap goes home this evening. Can't you just see "Impertinence!" written all over his face? hee hee

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Birdzilla Attack

You can imagine my surprise when I passed by the bathroom and saw this sitting in the tub.
Dad had ordered some decoys to lure more wild turkeys onto the farm. They've been sitting in storage and were pretty dusty, so he was rinsing them off. Almost gave me a heart attack. Wicked looking things, even if they are pretend. He plans to set them out and try to fool the real turkeys into thinking this is turkey heaven and they should stick around. Well, he about fooled me into never going into that bathroom again, let me tell you. A dog's heart can only take so much.