Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Wire Fox Duck

It's been raining so much here in Oklahoma that I'm begining to feel a bit waterlogged. I can swim laps in the backyard if I want, and we don't even have a pool. Good thing I know how to dog paddle like a puddleduck. Yesterday Mom and Dad went to Tulsa to see a friend in the hospital, and they got caught in a storm that drenched poor T-town in five inches of rain. Yeah, I'm glad I wasn't riding in the pickup on that trip. Thunderstorms, darkness, floods and white-knuckle driving is not my idea of fun. Still, I am hoping that all the rain will make the fall leaves prettier this year. It seems to make a difference.

We've been busy here on the farm, what with pigs having babies and the fall show season starting. My Boy took his cow Ruby Tuesday to the fair and won a blue ribbon. She seems to love My Boy almost as much as I do. Well, you just keep head-bumping him Ruby, but you'll never fit on his lap.

Dad picked up another rescue pup. She's an adult Boxer but only weighs thirty-three pounds. She's very thin and had some parasites, but nothing a little TLC won't cure, the vet said. She is eating well, and should gain a lot of weight over the next few weeks.

Just look at those beautiful eyes! And her tail wags almost as much as mine. She's such a sweetheart. We've yet to come up with a good name for her. A name's got to be perfect, you know. Gotta put some thought into it. A bit of class for this lady, because I know behind the neglect and thinness is a gorgeous gal!