Friday, August 28, 2009

What Happened to My Hole?

Well, would you look at what someone did to my hole?

Not only did my hole get filled in with a tractor-bucket full of fireplace rocks, but somebody actually build a rock wall along the fence. And planted flowers!

Look at this, Cap. A water garden. And floating sweetpea petals. Whose idea was this?

I'm here to tell you, I'm mighty miffed. This is going to put me behind schedule, cleaning this mess up. This is not at all what I had planned for landscaping. Not one bit. Wasn't on the blueprint. Not in the budget. I wasn't consulted.

At least Glynn seems to like the sweetpea blossoms.

All my hard work, for naught. What's a dog to do? I believe I will have to sit and ponder...



Okay, first I have to apologize for Mom's Far Side sense of humor in reference to Ruby Tuesday's future. No, Ruby will not end up a medium rare special on the menu. The Vet has confirmed that she will have a calf in the spring after the last show, and she will be living the good life on Uncle P's farm. All she has to look forward to is eating well, filling out and being a mama cow. Good Moos for her.

As for me, my day started out pretty well. I finished the hole I was excavating ahead of schedule, so I started on a new hole in the corner of the yard. Things were going well, and I was just thinking how much faster I could dig with a little Kubota backhoe. I believe I could do some serious damage with one of those. I will talk to My Boy about our budget and see if we can get one. Anyway, my hole was coming along quite well when suddenly I found myself on the other side of the backyard fence! Well, it was time for lunch break anyhow, so I decided to put in a little time exploring. Never turn down an opportunity to sniff out new things.

I hadn't been out long when The Family came home and discovered me loafing about my job. They weren't too happy about the shape I was in, either. I went into some pretty rough brush, and brought a few burrs home with me. These are very tiny burrs called hitchhikers, beggar-lice, beggar-ticks, sticktights, tick clover, or as I sometimes call them, ohshucks stickum tightus. They were thickly embedded, thousands of them, all over me.

There was no getting out of it. I got put straight on the grooming table. This was going to take a lot of brushing to set things right.

You might say I led with the nose.

It took over an hour of brushing to get them all out. Yeah, I lost some hair over this adventure. Then I had to endure a bath, more brushing and fluffing and buffing before I was pronouced clean. Mom says I'm an exasperating pup to live with. What can I say? It's a gift.

Man, I can't wait to get back to work!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Ruby Tuesday

My Boy had a surprise for us this week. He put our leashes on and told us that we needed to go outside to the big barn see it. I could hardly wait!

First, though, he made us sit and listen to him. He said we had to be on our best behavior and not do anything silly. As if.

Here we are trucking along across the green grass. This is a very good view of us, though from this angle Mom sometimes has touble telling Who's Who in the Zoo without her glasses.

We stopped for our mail...

When we finally reached the barn, we saw a red Shorthorn cow! This is My Boy's new FFA project and her name is Ruby. Mom calls her Ruby Tuesday because that's probably where she'll end up someday (for those of you across the pond, Ruby Tuesday is the name of a fine restaurant chain here in the States).

My Boy is going to brush her and give her baths, and show her at the county and state fairs. I'm not sure how's she's going to fit in the bathtub, though. Ruby's real name is Queen's Ruby Red. Even though she's got a long pedigree and fancy name, I know My Boy still loves me best!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Julie's Pics

My movie star handsomeness has paid off. Julie Chin of our local television news station KJRH has picked moi to be her Dog Days of Summer photo subject for tomorrow (Wednesday). She liked the photo of me roaching in the green grass. That, and my windblown appearance. I will be featured on the morning news show during the weather update.

Ah, my fifteen minutes of fame! The Family is not sure they will be able to live with me after this.