Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Don't Prod the Bear

As we're bunkering down for another blast of ice and snow tonight, I noticed ol' Cap was curled up in a sunny spot, snoozing away. He seems to sleep alot more these days. I've been wondering if it was old age catching up with him, but after pondering over this situation, I've decided that's not it at all. He's hibernating. Yeah, like a gumpy old bear, he's living on his fat reserves and catching his Zzzz's. He was so deep into Dreamland that I was able to take his picture, and he didn't even know it. In fact, I took about ten pictures before Glynn rudely gave me her elbow and said to knock it off, he looks so sweet and peaceful like that and the flash might wake him. Good advice. Like My Boy always said, don't prod the bear. Anyway, I hope all you doggies and hammies stay warm tonight. Hopefully this will be the last cold spell of winter for us, unless that pesky groundhog sees his shadow next week. If he does, he belongs to me.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

New Dog Story Call Out!

For all you doggy writers out there, Chicken Soup for the Soul is having a call out for more dog stories! This new book is about all ages and stages of a dog's life. Some of their suggestion are to write about training your dog, laughing with your dog, how your dog came to live with you, and how it changed your life. Do you have more than one dog in your family? How do they get along? Chicken Soup is wanting tales of puppy antics, terrible teens (you know, that adolescent stage some of us never outgrow!), adult years and senior pups. There will also be stories about the twilight years and the greiving process, too, that is a very special part of this particular book. Stories can be humorous or serious, or both. Poems are good, too (hey, Gussie!). So help your folks polish up their best stories and send them in. No limit, no entry fees, just great fun!