Friday, March 26, 2010

I Dig The Mother of All Holes

It's been a busy week, gang. Lots of work to do, excavating and moving dirt. I have to say my schedule is about as full as it's ever been. Good thing I like my job, because there's just no end to the holes that need to be dug around here. I dig so much, sometimes I forget where I put a hole. That happened the other morning when I was bunny-hopping backwards in front of My Boy and did a one-legger down a deep one. Lost my balance and ended up-side down for a moment. Made My Boy laugh...a lot longer than I thought was necessary, but who cares? We like to have fun together.

Now, remember the rock wall that Somebody built awhile back? The one that tee-totally ruined a perfectly good hole I was working on? Yeah, that's right, the one with the water garden and sweetpea flowers? That sure did set me back, but I jumped in there this week and finished what I started, rocks and all. Yep, I caved in that rock wall and dug all around it, uprooted the flowers, and may have bowed the fence just a bit, too. I was mighty proud of the destruction, because those old fireplace rocks weigh more than I do.
Glynn is always sure to stand back when the dirt goes flinging. She says a hard hat messes up her 'do too much, so she stays in the safety zone whilst I work.
This one is even big enough to go down into, turn around, and come back out again. Quite a masterpiece.

My Boy was pretty speechless, I tell ya, when he saw how much I had accomplished in just one week. Took his breath away, I'm thinkin'. Shook his head in awe. What can I say? I'm pretty pleased myself. Well, enough about holes for now. I see My Boy heading this way with a shovel and wheelbarrow. I wonder what new game this will be? Can't wait to find out...

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I Try My Hand at Poetry

Ode to a Kitty

I think that I shall never spy

A thing so lovely to my eye

As a striped kitten on the lawn...

But wait, I blinked and she was gone!

Oh lovely kitty, where did you go?

I'm looking for you high and low.

Come out, come out, and play with me.

Together we'll have fun, you'll see.

I know lots of games that we can play,

Like Hide the Kitty in the Hay,

Or Chase My Friend Around the Yard.

It's so much of fun, the rules aren't hard.

If Hide and Seek is your cup of tea,

Go right ahead, don't wait on me.

I'll cover my eyes and count to ten

And we will let the fun begin!

Ah, there you are, tabby dear,

I can see your twitching ear

Behind the bumper of the car.

Don't run away, you won't get far.

Through the bushes, up a tree,

Across the roof? You can't fool me!

Now you're on the front porch rail,

Showing me your bushy tail.

Ah, sweet feline, now it's time

To end this fun-filled game of mine.

Here comes My Boy, he has my leash,

So I will leave you now in peace.

Until next time...

Saturday, March 13, 2010

I Get Blamed For Everything

I'll be the first to admit that, occasionally, I create mischief. I can't help it, I'm a terrier and it's what we do. It doesn't help that I live with a couple of other wires that don't create mischief at all. In comparison, they make me look pretty bad sometimes. I think I am a good representative of our breed, while Cap and Glynn are the strange ones, but that's just my opinion. Anyway, here are a few things I am totally (and I mean TOTALLY) innocent of doing, just for the record.

Here I sit in front of the flower pot that "somebody" ran into and cracked. Wasn't moi.

And this was during one of my latest photo shoots. The camera caught a little piddle puddle on the floor behind me before the photo was cropped. That wasn't me either.

Here I am checking out Cap's new Zanies Toy. I just wanted to make sure the squeaker was in tip-top shape for the old boy. We all know how he loves his stuffies to make noise. Cap grrrr'd and I was accused to taking his toy away. Oh, come on! I gave it right back.

Mother Nature blew down a big tree in our yard back during the ice storm. Left a sizeable hole in the backyard. I did not create this hole, though I am mightily impressed by it.

Even the cats are pointing fingers at me. Here I'm saying hello to our new cat, Thistle. This is my first meeting with Thistle and obviously she has been listening to the other cats diss me. I had to wipe the hiss off my face afterwards. So there you go, my side of the story, just wanting to set the record straight. It's a heavy load to bear, all this blame, and I'm glad I got all this off my chest. Now, time for a little break from blogging. I think I'll go find a toy to play with.