Tuesday, November 27, 2007

How About a Hug?

Sometimes it's hard to understand why life throws us a curve, the way it did Ozzie, Romeo and their Mom last week. We want to extend our heartfelt sympathy to that family in their loss of David. Jen's words about their final day together was so touching, and we're sure that she will find comfort in the months to come by reliving those happy memories they made together.

A lot of people are surprised to find that pets can grieve the loss of a family member, too. Maybe not in the same way as people, because we don't understand the big picture like our humans, but we do feel a loss. We miss our usual routine, the presence of that special someone, and we pick up on the emotions of others around us.

Dogs are wonderful for giving comfort, but we also need comfort ourselves. We need the reassurance that we are still loved, and that things will get better with time. I guess dogs and people aren't all that different, after all, huh?

Give someone a hug today. You never know...

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

We would like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving here and abroad, or as My Boy says, a Happy Turkey Day!

This national holiday got the three of us thinking about the things we are thankful for. We have quite a bit to be thankful about. My happy thoughts for today are:

1. I love My Boy, who keeps me entertained and loves me bunches.
2. The game called Tug-of-War. I'd like to meet the genius who invented this game. I could play it forever.
3. Green grass. I eat it, roll in it, dig it up and spread it around.
4. That chickens feathers grow back.
5. Car rides with the windows rolled down.

Cap's list is a little redundant. It goes like this:
1. Squeakies.
2. A full dinner bowl.
3. Squeakies.
4. Back scratches.
5. And (here's a surprise), squeakies.

Glynn isn't very materialistic. Her lists only has two things, a forever home and Me. It doesn't take much to keep her content. A nice game of chase around the yard will put a smile on her face the rest of the day.

I think one thing we're all thankful for is that we have each other. Where else would three terriers get along as well as we do with nary a spat? I think we were made for each other.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Monday, November 12, 2007

A Salute to Our Veterans

We want to pay honor to our veterans today and show them respect for the dedication and sacrifices they have made for the love of our country. Veterans have always had a special place in our heart.

A part of what makes my hometown special is our WWI Doughboy statue. It stands in front of our public library. It is one of less than 150 doughboy statues in our country and we're very proud that our little hometown has one.

So here's a big thank you for the men and women who have served our country. We're very proud to be able to pay tribute to you on Veteran's Day!

~ Tell

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

I've Got Mail

Today I got a surprise in the mail! Ol' Mike the Mailman brought me a package from the U.K. Mom said it was from my buddy, Jackson. Since this is my first actual contact with Jackson, I had to sniff it over real well. How interesting. I was almost as fascinated with the outside as the what it held inside.

I needed a little help opening the package (I'm a bit fumble-fingered at things like that, I usually tear in with my teeth). Inside were some gorgeous Forever Foxed cards. Since I have to live with a collector of all things foxy and wiry, there was much to-do over how lovely they were.

Straight away, we framed them and set them around the house. Since they're under glass, it's a bit harder to pick up Jackson's scent but I still know they're from him. My favorite is the artwork of my buddy sitting on the lounge. You know, if I squint a little, it sorta looks like me!


Thursday, November 1, 2007

Walk Around The Farm

Taking a walk around the farm is always fun. Of course, it would be more fun if we were turned off-leash, but Mom got tired of all the bare-bottomed chickens we left behind, so any time we go outside the yard she insists on restraints. Still, sniffing around the homestead is a great way to spend time because there's always something new to discover.

Here is Cap looking over one of the barn cats. All the female cats are named after flowers, and this one is Pansy. Pansy likes to roll over on her back and swat our noses. This is catspeak for "Bite me".After that, we travelled on and ran into another of the barn cats. Her name is Naked Lady. She pretty much told us the same thing Pansy did. Cats appear to have a limited vocabulary.

We met some new friends in the barn. These are My Kids' new show pigs. They are a couple of sweet girls but they don't have names yet. My Kids like to have cute names for the pigs for good luck. We've had a Tammy Swynette, Marilyn Monroe and Norma Jean. We even had one named Honeybuns. The mama of this litter is called Hamlet. Any suggestions?

After exchanging sniffs from the pigs (they sniff surprisingly rough for babies), we headed back to the house for naps. Exploring is hard work and we never quite get it all done. It's best to leave some for tomorrow.