Friday, October 1, 2010

Am I Missing An Eyebrow?

I'm happy to report that things have improved somewhat since my last post. Although I still have no memory of my recent Cow Attack / Train Wreck / Sasquatch Mugging, my head injuries are healing nicely and The Family is finally starting to make eye contact with me again. Boy, they were a might displeased, and that's putting it mildly. When your household is so put out that they have whispered family meetings about What To Do Now, you just know it's time to tuck your tail and behave.

Glynn and I tallied up the different ways they've tried to keep me safe, which included a chainlink fenced yard, the dreaded tutoring, obedience, collar and tags, microchip, chicken wire spread over the ground in my favorite digging spots, then hog panels, a rock fence, cement blocks in my holes, electric fence around the top, triple locks on the gates, getting Cap for a companion, then Glynn, trimming my toenails shorter, a tie-out (that Mom couldn't stand, and I wasn't so keen on either so it didn't last long), more exercise with My Boy and more supervision. When you put it to paper, I've cost a small fortune to maintain. I can do fine for awhile, but when I take a notion to go exploring, ain't nothing gonna hold me back. Mom says I am the most exasperating pup she's ever known, and I've brought her more laughter and also more tears than any other dog she's had. What can I say? It's a gift. In the meantime, I'm sure getting good at walking on a leash.

On a very positive note, we've been fostering an Airedale this week! This is Jackson, and he's one of the happiest dogs I know. Just look at that smile. Makes a guy feel good to know he's helping out a big lovable fellow like this. Today he will be picked up by Oklahoma Airedale Rescue and they'll be sure to see that he finds the perfect furever home. Also, he's already got a playdate scheduled with his brother, Rudy, who was also rescued! What a happy time those two will have when they see each other again. I probably can't make it this year, guys, but when you have a reunion next year, send me an invite, will ya? I might be on parole by then...