Tuesday, July 31, 2007

For Dear Oscar

This poem is for my friend, Oscar, who left us too young...

Have you a dog in Heaven, Lord? And do you pat its head?
Does he sit up and beg each night before he goes to bed?
Does he look up with shining eyes when he sees Your smilling face?
Does he wag his stubby little tail when he wants to run a race?

Have You a dog in Heaven, Lord? Is there room for just one more?
Cause my little dog died today; he'll be waiting at Your door.
Please take him into Heaven, Lord. And keep him there for me,
Just feed him, pet him, love him, Lord,
That's all he'll ask of Thee.

by Jean McColgan

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Funny-Looking Friends

Today Glynn and I were checking the barns and we stumbled across a couple of strange creatures. I knew My Boy and My Girl had been spending a lot of time at the little barn up on the hill, but I didn't know what was in there.

At first I smelled something odd, so I looked inside. I'd never seen anything like these fellows before. They were white with red heads (like me), and very long ears. Funniest-looking dogs I've ever seen. I slipped through the fence and went right up to introduce myself to them, and they ran! Hey, they must want to play, I thought, so I bounced right along with them. We had fun romping together. They said their names are Leo and Cedric, and they are blue-blooded Boers. My Girl and My Boy are going to take them to shows this fall.

Glynn wasn't too sure about them and she just sniffed a little. She's a little shy like that. When we got back to the house, Cap said he didn't believe us at all.

Yeah, I guess it is something you would have to see for yourself.

Take care, friends, and stay cool this summer!
William Tell

Monday, July 9, 2007

In the Dog House, Again (sigh)

Yaaarrr, mateys! As you can see, I'm feeling a bit swash-buckly today after having my picture taken for my friend Jackson's beard and mustache competition. It was great fun -- lots of furry doggy faces in those photos. Congratulations to the winner, Pappy, and his outstanding mustache! Mom thought to enhance my good looks by dressing me up as a pirate. Just call me Captain William Tell Whistlebritches.

We had an exciting weekend at the farm. I managed to slip out the gate again and plucked another of the laying hens. I never kill any, just denude them. Mom got mad and called me a "chicken-pluckin' dog". Then she said that my escapade was one too many, and that someday I'm gonna get lost out there in the big wide world. So she took me to the vet and had me microchipped. It didn't hurt a bit, and now I beep when I'm scanned. Mom said it's too bad I can't be implanted with a GPA chip so she could track my whereabouts when I go AWOL. I don't mean to cause all this trouble, but I just can't seem to help myself. When I see an opportunity, I go for it!

As for the little speckled hen, she's not speaking to me today, and the rooster is keeping a beady eye on the flock. I guess this means I'm in the dog house for the moment. I try not to let it bother me too much, though. They never stay mad at me for long. I guess it's my good looks?

It's another rainy day outside with lots of thunder. Good day to stay indoors with the kids. Stay safe, wiry friends, until next time!

~ Tell