Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Foxholes and Trenches

Hope everyone out there had a nice Memorial Day weekend. The Kids were all busy doing different things, and Mom and Dad spent two days cruising on the cycle. So what does a terrier do when the peeps leave him unsupervised? You think they'd have learned by now that I'll find ways to entertain myself. So I did. Yep, I went digging. Excavating. You'd have thought I had some heavy earth-moving equipment from the damage I did. I had about eight holes going at once. I not only dug down, but flung dirt for yards in every direction. Looked like a small war had been fought in our backyard. Foxholes and trenches everywhere you stepped.

An added bonus was that I found one of these in a foxhole. It's called a mole. I was beginning to feel like a real earthdog after a rat. I tell you, I think I'd found my calling. But wouldn't you know it, Mom came home and took it away from me. Put it right over the fence out of my reach. It was frustrating, knowing it was over there rummaging around again and I couldn't get to it. So I'm warnin' ya, Mr Mole, stay put in your own bunker. I'll be watching for you...

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Three Sisters and a Little Fellow

There are some big changes coming to our home soon. Big ones, I tell you. And I'm not too sure we wires like change. At least Glynn and I are a little nervous. Cap sleeps through most things these days, so he may miss it all, but I'm happy in my comfortable rut. The Girls are rocking my boat and shaking things up around here, and I'm not sure what to do about it.

First, College Kid (on the right in her Eskimo Joe shirt) graduated and got her DVM degree. The big ceremony was held at the Gallagher-Iba area (think Eddie Sutton Court) at Oklahoma State. Now she's packing boxes and moving to Maryland. She's going to live about 15 minutes from D.C. I just hope when this year is over she doesn't come home and bring a politician with her. Next, My Girl (on the left) graduated from high school, and now SHE'S packing up her laptop and heading for college. Talk about cleaning house! Who's gonna be left around here for me and My Boy to pester? And now I find out that Married Kid (in the middle, who I haven't spoken much about since she had pretty much moved out before I moved in) is expecting a little bundle in a couple of weeks. Married Kid and Her Husband live nearby, and I'll bet we get to see a lot of the baby.

Well, that last part might not be too bad. Having a Little Fellow for My Boy and I to hang with could be fun. That is, if he can learn to throw a ball. Maybe wrassle in the grass a bit. Dig some holes. Drop some Fig Newtons. We'll see...


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A Whump Monster Lives Here

Here I am sitting in Dad's chair. We're not allowed on Dad's chair, and I know it. Still, I prefer to sit here than in my regular spots around the house. Why, you ask?

Because a Whump Monster has moved into our house, and it's living under the new wood floors. I can tell right where it lives, too, because the floor is buckling up. Yes, buckling up! The wood is bowing and bending, and it make a funny whump sound when we walk over it. Really, it's enough to curl a wire's hair.

We had a nice visit with the flooring company and we're assured that this monster will go away in a week or so when the air dries out and the rain stops. Lots of folks are having Whump Monsters under their floors right now, even with the most expensive wood. This happens when it rains almost daily for weeks at a time and the wood swells. It leaves a little air pocket just right for something to move in and live there. These monsters do not like dry weather, so as soon as the weather improves outside, this one should move on down the road and leave us alone.

I'm glad all I have to do is wait a week or so for the weather to fix this. Good gracious, I was afraid those workers would come back and tear up the floor again. Having the floor ripped up was a big stress in our lives, especially Glynn who likes her routine the best. So I guess for a little while, we'll just walk around and give the Whump Monster some space, and wait for it to go away. They don't eat terriers, do they?