Wednesday, March 2, 2011

If I'd Known They Were Coming, I'd Have Baked A Cake

Things have been running smoothly at our house since The Crackdown. I'm no longer left unsupervised. Took them long enough to learn, huh? Going to work with Mom every day means I'm constantly under someone's eagle-eye. I did plan one jail break but it was thwarted when I dropped on command. Whew, nobody saw that one coming! Even I was shocked. Go figure. So yesterday I was laying around minding my own bees-wax when the office door opened and in walked a kid. And another, and another. Before you knew it, there were 80 little kiddos in our office. Took two big yellow buses to bring them all over from the school on a field trip.

Now, no one loves little kids more than me. Can't get enough of 'em, but even I was overwhelmed by the size of herd that showed up. I wasn't expecting them, didn't even have time to run a comb through my hair. They didn't seem to mind, though. They thought I was cute. And huggable. I gave them the giggles.
Get a look-see that this one's hair. Wonder who does his grooming?

The little tykes took a tour of the office and then they got to ask questions. One of the office staff told them I was a "medical miracle" because I was a dog without a brain. Mom was not amused by the sarcasm. I'm seeing a demotion in someone's future. After they left, I curled up and had myself a nap. Plum wore me out, but it was heaven while it lasted.


Elaine Pritchard said...

Looks like you did a really great job there.

You should be really proud of yourself xx

Gus said...

Love Kids! You did a great job with that huge group.


Jake of Florida said...

Dog without a brain -- we don't think so!!!!!

Sounds as though you opened those kiddies' eyes to what a terrier 'tude is all about.

Wirey woofs,
Jake and Just Harry

Asta said...

Those little hooman pups wewe awfully lucky to get to spend all that time wif a gowgeous guy like you. I would soo fow that bwain???awe you kidding me? you'we a tewwiew..we awe the bwains of the whole wowld
smoochie kisses

Agatha and Archie said...

Gosh you have to go to work every day..hope the pay is good Those little ones looked like fun.. plus they drop lots of food and stuff.. Love and kisses A+A

Sally said...

Well done! We love kiddies too - and that isn't just because they drop their food easily! No brain - we do not believe that! D says that we are very smart - but we put our 'smarts' to the wrong things - ie Wrong for humans but right for WFTs!

Lots of licks
Sally and Paddy

Eric said...

Smashing job with those dustbin lids Tell. Can't bark the same for your shock drop on command. Isn't it annoying when me n you do things like that? It'll get us terriers a good name. Won't do at all. Please tell Cap the same. Seems he's got his wires all uncrossed. Mom said something bout she's like to do swapsies- him for me. As if.

Now Important Stuffie Tell. I reckon we could well be related. Butchy's leggeds did some awsome research. Yep! Butchy,Katie, Asta, Scruffy, Jakie, me 'n Bertie have common blood lines in our pee degrees. Well wicked eh? Let's check you out too!

Sing along ...La laa laa...we are Tell you really might bee..... be...lalla laaaaa....

Wiry ones Eric xxxx

Bobby said...

Hi Tell,
What is one dogs meat well you know what I mean, all those kids not for me I would be scared.
You do have a brain so take no notice even if it is only pea size.
I bet everybody was shocked when you went down on command.
Well done I would not want to escape I am scared i get lost.
Licks Bobby

Rudy said...

I bet those kids talked about you all day and are now bugging their parents to get a cute dog just like you!!!