Thursday, March 19, 2009

Who, Me?

(Zzz...zzz...zzz...) Huh? I'm sorry, I was taking a nap. What did you say? There's something in the yard you think I should see? I'll be right there!

What's all this white stuff? It looks like feathers. How do you suppose they got there? Oh, you're asking ME how they got there? Well, let me think...

(Blame Cap.) Hey, I'll bet Cap knows how that happened. I think he and Glynn had a pillow fight. Yeah, that's it. A pillow fight and they lost a few feathers.

No? Okay, let's see. Let me think. Okay, a duck was flying overhead and exploded. This is the fallout from a duck. How's that?

(Not buying the duck story either. Think, Tell, think.) Well, it might be that a fox came by and scared all the hens and they jumped right out of their feathers. Yep, feathers everywhere. What a mess.

( Still not believing me...this is not looking good.)

Those feathers sure are a mystery. Don't have a clue here. We may never know what really happened. Cap, quit pointing at me, will ya? How could anyone look at my innocent, puppy-dog eyes and think I did it? I was sound asleep the whole time that chicken got plucked. (Oops!)


Jake of Florida said...

Chicken, huh? Did it taste like chicken?

Jake and Just Harry

Gus said...

hmmm....chicken. Breaded or broiled?


Bae Bae said...

Opps... But it's not your fault right Tell?

~ Bae

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Asta said...

I'm suwe you wewe just being helpful if you did pluck the chicken..not saying I think you did..the sploding duck and pillow fight seem vewy believable to me..good luck
smoochie kisses

Eric said...

He,heeee!!! Shocking the leggededs not believing you.The xploding ducks and pillows...happen all the time. I'd quiz that sly old foxie if I were you. Maybe best to keep on his good side anyway ..slip him a wing.

Wiry wags, Eric xxx

Maggie and Mitch said...

We thought your stories were pretty believable, Tell! Honest!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch