Thursday, October 9, 2008

I Think I'm in Love!

Dad came in yesterday with the cutest little puppy ever. I think I'm in love! He found her at a city pound on her last day. He scooped her up and brought her home.
She's a Jack Russell terrier, a bit shell-shocked and subdued at the moment but I'm sure she'll bounce out of that with time. I'm not allowed to rough-house with her until she overcomes her shyness. We're also working on some people-skills. I did get to sniff her through the crate door, but it made her curl up in a fetal position and hide her head, even though I wagged my tail as hard as I could. The vet says she has a skin problem caused by unsanitary conditions, mainly on her feet and tail, but that will clear up soon enough. Hopefully in a few days we'll be officially introduced and I can teach her how to have some fun on the farm. I'll bet she's never even seen a chicken up close.Right now her favorite place is to snuggle up on My Girl's lap. She feels really safe there, and she gets lots of loving and touching. Mom says the puppy is not going up for adoption until she's spayed and had all her puppy shots caught up to date. I vote to keep her myself, but since there's three of us terriers, plus ol' Buckaroo, we've kinda got a full house as it is. Ah, come on, Mom! How can you resist those eyes?


Gus said...

Oh Tell, be careful, she looks like Teka. And Teka was a temp too, until she wrapped my father up with those eyes, and now I think she is my furever pain in the butt. But it is a cute lil puppy, and I hope you can help her learn about chickens and things. Tell your mom and dad that JRTs have an even stronger prey instinct than the rest of us terriers.


Asta said...

Those Eyes will get you evewy time.
Thank dog youw Dad got hew in the nick of time..Thank you and youw family fow being so cawing..I hope she gets bwavew and leawns to explowe and play wif you
smoochie kisses

Penny, Poppy & Patches said...

We're sure you will be playing with her in no time, Tell. She's just tooooo cute. We hope you can convince your pawrents to let her stay!

Poppy, Penny & Patches

COL. Sam ASTA-fari Joe H. Pinkerton Peabody, Esq said...

what's one more pup? BOL. We know she will find a grand home. You will just have to educate her on the finer points of being a terrier!

Dewey Dewster said...

Oh what a darling little puppy...such sad eyes....but we're sure ya all will get 'er spunk back so she can run around like a nut just like Jack Russells always do...well, maybe ya don't want ta make 'er come all the way outta that shell.......they can be pretty nutty too.....

Dewey Dewster here....

Maggie and Mitch said...

What a cutie she is! We think she'll fit right in with your gang, Tell!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Eric said...

Weoo,hoo! Bravo Dad for saving Miss Russell!! Er...does she have a name yet? She is a real cutie Tell, no wonder you're in love.Let's hope you get to keep her cos I'm sure the chickens need more (wink wink!)

Wiry wags, Eric x

Jackson said...

Wow she's cute! J x