Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Learning to Walk

It's been awhile since my leash training, but I don't recall having any trouble learning the basics. I can heel, sit and down real good. I'm a little fuzzy on that "Come Here!" part, but otherwise I know what I'm doing. Cap and Glynn already knew their parts when they came here, so talking walks is lots of fun with us terriers.

But those poor Boer goats! I've never seen anyone have as much trouble grasping the idea as Leo and Cedric. They are practicing so they can go to the big show next month, but they just don't understand how to walk on a leash. Leo bawls and jumps high in the air, then stomps his feet when he comes down. Cedric, on the other hand, simply folds up and lays down. Sometimes he sprawls on his side, and a couple of times I saw him roll over on his back with his feet in the air like he was pointing toward the moon. How silly is that? My Girl hefts him back upright and they try all over again. After a few steps, Cedric pulls that fainting goat act again.

I tried to show him how it's done, and I told him that walking is lots of fun. We get to run around and see new things, wade in the creek, sniff the chickens (but I told him not to pluck any when Mom's looking), and all kinds of great adventures can happen at the end of a leash.
Cedric says he's perfectly happy in his little barn on the hill. I guess he's not the adventuring kind of guy. Leo just nods and follows Cedric's lead.
I don't know how that show is going to look next month. I think they may be too heavy to pick up and carry by then.

~ Tell


Jackson said...

Hehehehe, poor goats. They're not as smart as us WFTs are they? I bet they smell good though. J x

Gus said...

Hmmmm. Do you think the Dog Whisperer makes emergency house calls? Or is there a goat equivalent?

Agatha and Archie said...

We think you are going to have to give them lessons!! They are very cute!! LoveA+A

Koobuss said...

Sounds like you have lots of problems there, Tell. Wish I could help you, but I don't have the slightest idea what to do.

Koobuss Kisses,

Scruffy & Lacie said...

Perhaps, you could milk the goats and make fudge and send it to Lacie and me? As for the leash problem, have you tried the Gentle Leader? I will gladly send you mine. It just itches my long atractive terrier snout like crazy. As for Gus...perhaps there is a Goat Whisperer.
Happy bleats!


Asta said...

Those goats suwe awe cute,but appeawantly not as smawt as WFT...maybe you could put them in a buggy and they could just wide awound...I like Scruffy and Lacie's solution hehehe
smoochie kisses
good luck

fee said...

what curious creatures, those two! have you promised them you'll never eat a goat, ever? mom made me promise never to eat a wabbit when my pets peepee and poopoo came to live with us.

are they like supermodel type goats? they're really pretty and cuddly looking. what do they eat?


William Tell said...

Yes, Fee, they are from good stock with a long pedigree (like moi) and we feed them something called Showmaster. It smells like alfalfa and I like to bury my nose in the sack and just sniff it up! It reminds me of a field of green grass.


Pacco de Mongrel said...

i hate d command 'come' too...
whenever my owner say it...i'll run d opposite site

Wired for Mackie said...

You can have by pain the the butt brother Ollie (a herding dog...something about a bearded collie or something) can come and herd them for you so they don't have to have leashes.
Yeah, yeah,.....take Ollie....please????

Your pals, MAckie and Finnegan

Dean-O! said...
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