Friday, June 22, 2007

Visit to the Vet

Today I went to the veterinarian for my yearly checkup and boosters. I tell you, I get to see a lot of that guy because Mom's such a stickler for those kinds of things. It's not too bad, though. Doc seems to laugh alot when I'm in the room. Anyway, I got a good checkup, and he even did an ECG reading on my heart to make sure I had one in there and it was working the way it should. We got to bring a printout home.

I also got a cool bandana when we finished, because I'd been good and sat still on the table. And, of course, a doggy biscuit. I know where he hides the treats so I went to the desk and sat pretty until they gave me one.

I made some friends in the waiting room. There was Maggie the Beagle, Chingy the Pekingese, and then there was Leah. I had a hard time figuring out just what she was, until her owner called her a Labradoodle. Huh? Anyway, she was pretty and friendly and I made puppy-dog eyes at her. I think she liked me back.

Then it was time to leave. I told Mom to hurry and load up! I love riding shotgun.

We took the long way home because riding in the pickup is my most favorite thing in the whole world. I got so excited that I drooled in someone's purse (sorry Mom).

All in all, it was a great day. I think Glynn missed me, she got real excited to see me come home. Cap said he didn't much care one way or another, just as long as we let him snooze.

Have a great weekend, friends!


Jackson said...

So you don't mind going to see the vet? My vet never gives me treats! Maybe if he did I'd like him a bit more. I'm famous at my vet because I'm so "vocal" (I bark from the minute we get inside to the minute we get out. Can you imagine how popular I am there?) J x

Jake of Florida said...

Hello Tell,

We're the Barkalot Boyz from South Florida, Jake and Just Harry. I kind of like our vet -- I've known him since I was a puppy, and we stay at his clinic when Mom and Dad go out of town or both have long days away from home. Like Jackson, though, we do bark a lot when we stay and that's how we got our name. When we come home, we're hoarse -- especially JH -- and we sleep a lot for the next three days as we're pretty tired from all the excitement

Come visit our new blog!! We like meeting wire fox terriers from all over.

Jake of Florida

Quinvale AstaLaVista Baby said...

G'day Mate,

Sounds like you're good to go for a spell.

xxx Asta down under